The Great Brick Wall
Building a Wall for Charity.
GBW came about as an idea I had. As I started developing the idea I decided that GBW would be a good place to help raise money for charities. As you customize your brick on the wall half of all the proceeds will go to charity.
What People Think..

I would like to thank you for your assistance in managing the creation of our second web site since we have been in business the last 25 years. We had the first site done in 1998 and have been informed that your new creation makes our old one look extremely bad. I agree that your creation offers a world of improvements to aid our future customers to becoming our new customers. I was impressed with your artistic flair and knowledge how to assemble the whole thing so fast. I look forward to giving you the power to hosting it and managing it in the future. I am comfortable in giving you authority to improve on it as you see fit and as you learn more about our company and how the web site can expand our business.

Carl LoBue
President, Buffalo Powder Systems Powder Coating
The Business
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